Titan: TI-7700R Massage Chair Osaki BodyEZ OS-C30 Foot Massager Ogawa Refresh Massage Chair Massage Chair
Titan TI-7700R Massage Chair
Was: $3,795.00
Sale: $2,595.00
Final: $1,599.00
Osaki BodyEZ OS-C30 Foot Massager
Was: $699.00
Sale: $599.00
Ogawa Refresh Massage Chair
Was: $2,999.00
Sale: $2,699.00
$2,499 After $200 Instant Off!
Titan -TP Pro 8400 Massage Chair Osaki: OS-3D Pro Dreamer Zero Gravity Massage Chair Titan -TP Pro Executive Massage Chair
Titan TP Pro 8400 Massage Chair
Was: $3,895.00
Sale: $2,995.00
Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Was: $6,999.00
Sale: $6,295.00
$5,295 After $1,000 Instant Off!
Titan TP Pro Executive Massage Chair
Was: $4,999.00
Sale: $3,999.00
$2,999 After $1,000 Instant Off!

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Since 1998, TheMassageChair.com (division of "One2Fit.com / PTD Corp.") has provided customers with high quality brand-name massage chairs such as the Inada (as known as: Family Inada), Panasonic, Osaki, iCHiBAN, Titan, Cozzia, Omega, Infinity and Sanyo. A massage chair is an excellent investment in your well-being which has innumerable physical and psychological benefits. Over the years there have been significant developments in the design of massage chairs, you can now experience a massage that feels close-to if not better than one performed by a masseuse. Whether you are looking for an intense, full body massage or a gentle relaxation at the end of the day, massage chairs can offer all these functions and much more.

We keep our prices low by ordering directly from the manufacturers in Japan, China and Taiwan. We gladly pass the savings onto our customers.

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