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Why Buy From an Authorized Dealer?

Ideally, you always know what you need, every online purchasing decision you make would be the right one and products you bought would never ever be defective.

Unfortunately, in the real world, it's not always that simple. Purchasing products from an authorized online dealer is a prudent way to spare yourself a lot of grief. Anyone can sell you a product, but what occurs during and after the sale?
  • Will you get exactly what you ordered with all included manufacturer accessories?
  • Will you get support if you have a problem after the sale?
  • Will the manufacturer honor your warranty?
  • Will the company you purchased from be in business for the foreseeable future?

Manufacturers are very strict about whom they authorize to be dealers. Not everyone qualifies.

An Authorized Dealer…
  • is trained by the manufacturer to be knowledgeable about the products sold and can share that expertise with you.
  • has the full support of the manufacturer and will help you if your merchandise is defective.
  • the products are purchased directly from manufacturer.
  • is rigorously examined by the manufacturer prior to authorization.
  • ensures that manufacturer warranties will be honored.

Online and mail-order purchases are an incredibly convenient and wonderful way to find the products you need at prices you can afford. Protect yourself and avoid unnecessary hassle by knowing who you are purchasing from - because it makes all the difference!