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Panasonic: Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair EP-MA73 Panasonic MAJ7 Massage Chair
Panasonic MAJ7 Massage Chair
Was: $11,999.00
Sale: $9,999.00

About Panasonic Massage Chairs

For over 40 years Panasonic has been the most recognizable name in professional massage loungers. Panasonic massage chairs have led the American market with technological innovations and state of the art massage chair design and functionality, which have redefined the massage chair industry over the last decade. Panasonic Massage chairs have become synonymous with quality, durability and style.


Panasonic has been the leading Japanese manufacturer of top quality shiatsu massage chairs for over three decades providing massage loungers for professional and home massage use. With an emphasis on research and design, Panasonic produces the most life like massage loungers in the world. Put Panasonic's technology to work for you today.


35 years of massage chair development has resulted in not only the most technologically advanced massage chairs on the market but also the most technically sound massage chairs as well. Each motor, material, wire and feature used to make a Panasonic massage chairs have gone through rigorous testing in both the laboratory and the field. When you purchase a Panasonic massage chair you can rest assured 35 years of massage chair making has gone into your new chair.

Customer Service

Top quality massage chairs deserve top quality customer service. Panasonic offers industry leading warranty coverage including in home repair service for the first year on every Panasonic chair sold. Plus, select models such as the EP30005 Panasonic Massage Chair Real Pro Ultra Deep™ offer FREE 5 year extended warranties to guarantee that your chair feels as good as it does in 5 years as it does the day you purchase it.