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Sanyo Ultimate Sanyo Massage Chair Sanyo DELUXE ZERO GRAVITY MASSAGE CHAIR Sanyo Zero Gravity Massage Chair (HEC-DR7700K)

About SANYO Massage Chairs

Benefits of Massage & Why SANYO:

Physical shape sensors measure your body mass and height each time you sit down, in order to locate your personal acupressure points.

GK Rollers extend 6" to "Grasp & Knead" the neck and shoulders like real hands. Caused by stressors such as whiplash and occupational conditions, neck pain is a common complaint in adults. No other massage chair massages the neck and shoulders like SANYO!

Multi-Point Shiatsu massage of the feet and calves AND Adjustable Airbag Compression massage improve circulation throughout the legs and feet.

Through a collaboration of massage rollers and airbags, lower back pain is addressed below-the-belt, where you need it most!

Stiffness Detection Sensors locate and treat areas of tension, based on personal bio-feedback, to reduce overall stress.

A Sole Heater improves circulation to your extremities and the operation of your body as a whole.