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Omega Zero-Gravity Montage Pro Massage Chair

Zero-Gravity Montage Pro Massage Chair

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The Montage Pro Massage Chair gives you thorough massage therapy for the ultimate in relaxation and relief!

The Zero-Gravity Montage Pro massage chair is the ultimate massage chair that delivers comprehensive full body massage. Unlike a masseuse, the Montage Pro provides simultaneous massage treatments for your whole body. Use the automatic programs and melt away the stresses of the day. Or target specific areas with the manual options. The LCD touch screen makes selecting exactly what you want easy.

There are also fingertip controls in the armrests to adjust the massage or position of the chair while you are receiving a relaxing massage treatment. Recline the chair back to the Zero-Gravity position to improve blood circulation and better distribute the weight over your entire back. The Montage Pro was designed to give you the most complete and comprehensive massage of any massage chair available. Relax with the built in music system to ease your mind and let your muscles relax. Warm up your muscles with the full body heaters integrated into the chair back, seat and leg rest to make the massage even more effective.

There are 5 automatic massage treatments using Chinese, Thai and Japanese massage techniques. There are 30 specially designed airbags to provide relieving compression massage throughout the body. The reflexology foot massage uses a combination of air bags, magnetic therapy, reflexology nodes and a foot roller for the ultimate in relief for the feet. The Montage Pro has you covered from head to toe for all your massage therapy needs. The Montage Pro is the Ultimate Massaging Machine™.

The Montage Pro massage chair is sleek luxury with its elegant styling and trim. The futuristic look of the chair encapsulates the high technology inside. The side panels contain arm wells with integrated air bags to provide full arm massage. The side panels have sleek trim and upholstery to add a stylish touch. The plush backrest is soft, comfortable and velvety to the touch. The arm panel slides back when you recline the massage chair maintaining your arms in the same position. The detailed styling of the Montage Pro makes its the sharpest massage chair available. The Montage Pro massage chair is a modern styled massage chair loaded with therapeutic massage therapies.

Available Colors:

Grey Coffee

Backrest & Footrest: The Montage Pro massage chair has a motorized backrest and leg rest. The chair will recline back and raise the leg rest to position 1 when you select any of the automatic massages.

The fingertip controls also have an auto-recline feature which will take you to position 1. Press the auto recline to continue to recline the chair back to the zero gravity position with your legs above the level of your heart. The backrest and the leg rest operate independently as well.

When the automatic massage is complete, the backrest will reset back to its full upright position and the footrest will lower back down. There is also an auto-reset button with the fingertip controls. The Montage Pro massage chair leg rest is extendable an extra eight (8) inches to accommodate those with longer legs.

The calf section of the leg rest extends out four (4) inches and the foot portion extends out four (4) inches from the calf section. This enables you to position them right on the muscles needing targeted relief.

Massage Chair Functions:

  • LCD Touch Screen Remote Control
  • Fingertip Massage & Position controls
  • 2 Zero Gravity Positions available
  • 5 Automatic Programs including Relaxation (Chinese), Activation (Thai), Vitality (Japanese), Night, Morning
  • 4 Massage Techniques including Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, and Combination (Kneading/Tapping)
  • 5 Back Massage Courses including Whole Back, Thoracic, Cervical, Lumbar and Point
  • Hip Vibration to stimulate capillary vessels in buttocks and thighs
  • 4 levels of massage intensities - low, medium, high, deep
  • 3 massage-roller width selections to cover your back
  • 5 Levels of air pressure for the for hip/waist, feet/calves & arms/shoulders/obliques
  • 3 Manual independent operations of air massage for hip/waist, feet/calves & arms/shoulders/obliques
  • Manual adjustment of back rollers to pinpoint massage
  • Timed massages from 5 to 30 minutes with 5 minute increment adjustment
  • Reflexology foot massage with magnetic therapy, foot roller, heat and compression airbags
  • Music Therapy with synchronized massage
  • Built in external speakers and high fidelity headphones also included
  • Heat Therapy in backrest, seat and footrest

Therapeutic Massages:

Relax is comfort as the Montage Pro cradles you. The Montage Pro has many types of therapeutic massages for you to enjoy. You can choose from the 5 automatic programs of this massage chair including Relaxation, Activation, Vitality, Night, and Morning. The automatic massage programs are full body massages. All of the functions of the chair are utilized with these 5 automatic massage treatments.

Select from 4 manual massage techniques including Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, and Shiatsu (Kneading/Tapping). With the Montage Pro massage chair, you can select from different back courses including the Whole Back, Thoracic, Cervical, Lumbar and point. When selecting the back courses, the massage will be focused on the area selected.

Got a particular trouble area? No problem, move the back rollers manually up and down to pinpoint a specific area of focus. This massage chair has it all.

Zero Gravity Function:

Another advanced feature of the Montage Pro massage chair is the zero gravity function. Zero gravity is a position identified by NASA to improve blood flow and decompress the spine. NASA uses this position for astronauts during take-off where their bodies must absorb tremendous forces.

The Montage Pro utilizes this position to better relax the body. It helps to decompress the spine by better distributing the weight across the entire back rather than concentrate in on the spine. The Montage Pro has two different Zero Gravity positioins. Zero Gravity Position 1 keeps your body at a comfortable 130 degree angle which minimizes the stress on the major joints of the body.

The Zero Gravity Position 2 elevates your legs above the level of your heart which enhances blood circulation while better distributing the weight off the spine. This is recommended for people with Edema and other circulatory issues.

Zero Gravity Position 1

Zero Gravity Position 2


The foot massage mechanism of the Montage Pro contains strategically placed magnetic nodules in the foot channels. The magnetic nodules are utilized during the compression of the lower airbags. These magnetic nodules target your reflexology trigger points in the feet. During compression the nodules raise into the balls of the feet.

A foot roller massage targets the soles of the feet with 3 different intensity levels to release tension and tightness in the feet. Specially designed airbags help to soothe, relieve and revitalize the feet.

Massage Functions:

The Montage Pro massage chair has 4 manual massage functions. These manual massage functions include: tapping, rolling, kneading, or kneading/tapping combination. In automatic program mode or manual mode, enhance your massage with the air compression massage and the hip vibration feature. Select from three levels of speed for the foot roller massage. The air pressure massage has five levels of pressure intensity. The massage roller width will auto-adjust to the body type, or it can also be manually adjusted from narrow, regular, and wide.




Kneading & Tapping

4 Massage Techniques of the Montage Pro:

  • Kneading:
    This massage technique feels like the fingers and thumbs of two hands squeezing in unison as they carefully and methodically work their way upwards to loosen stiffness in the neck and shoulders.
  • Pressing:
    The massage rollers go up and down along the spine from your lower back up to your neck and back down, relieving pressure from compressed cervical disks by gently stretching the ligaments of your back.
  • Tapping:
    This technique feels like the edges of two hands rhythmically tapping to penetrate into the body and relax your muscles. Tapping is recommended for the tender muscles of the neck or as a finishing massage.
  • Kneading & Tapping Combination:
    This massage feels like a pair of thumbs carefully alternating between the right and left sides as they zero in on their target. The kneading helps to loosen up your muscles while the tapping invigorates you. If you are feeling a little stiff this massage technique will rejuvenate you.

4 Back Massage Courses:

The Montage Pro massage chair has 4 back massage courses. There is full back, upper back, middle back and lower back. This enables you to select the region of your back to focus the massage. You can select the type of massage technique and it will follow the course selected. You can also massage a specific point with the point massage.
  • Whole Back Course:
    The massage will cover your whole back from your waist to your neck.
  • Shoulder (Thoracic) Course:
    The massage will concentrate on your upper back, shoulders and neck.
  • Middle Back (Cervical) Course:
    The massage will concentrate on the middle of your back.
  • Waist (Lumbar) Course:
    The massage will concentrate on your lower back and waist.

Point Massage:

Direct the rollers up or down to the point you would like to target and then select the massage technique of choice.


The chair-back and footrest can be lowered and raised simultaneously at the touch of a button, or the footrest can be adjusted independent of the chair-back. The leg rest can be extended an additional eight (8) inches. The leg rest has two parts which are the calf and foot. These can also be separated by four (4) inches to better target the massage.

Music Therapy:

Omega strives to provide a holistic approach to our massage loungers. The Montage Pro massage chair comes with a built-in MP3 player and also includes built in external speakers and a set of high fidelity headphones. For the same reasons a professional masseuse incorporates sounds to soothe the mind and relax the body, the Montage Pro does so to achieve the same.

When the mind is relaxed, then it releases the tension in the body. This enables your muscle to relax and enables the massage to penetrate through the muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues more easily and effectively. Your level of relaxation and rejuvenation are heightened allowing for a maximized total body experience.

The MP3 player is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7. Listen to your favorite music with the included headphones. Volume is adjustable from the cord on the headphones for easy access. Download new songs into the chair with the included USB music stick. Drive away all your stresses and worries as you relax your mind and body with the Montage Pro!

Music Synchronization:

Another advanced feature of the Montage Pro is the music synchronization function. When this feature is activated, the massage rollers for the back will move to the rhythm of the music currently playing on the MP3. This enables you to have a infinite variety of massage sensations based on the music being played. You can activate or de-activate the music synchronization function at any time.

Air Pressure Massage System:

The Montage Pro massage chair is equipped with specially designed air bags throughout the chair. The Montage Pro air pressure massage system is specifically designed and programmed to replicate the movements of a master massage therapist. The air pressure massage is programmed to gently squeeze, hold and release your muscles. The Montage Pro’s air pressure massage covers your whole body including your arms, hands, shoulders, neck, head, obliques, buttocks, thighs, hips, calves, and feet.

Montage Pro Air System

The seat of this massage chair has a specially designed hip air bag to inflate around your thighs and hip vibration massage to stimulate your capillary vessels and increase blood circulation. The footrest has airbags to massage your calves and feet. This massage chair has our most elaborate Footflex massage which also includes a foot roller. The Footflex massage provides a soothing and relieving reflexology massage.

The foot wells have a series of smaller airbags that are synchronized to gently squeeze and release up and down your feet in a rhythmic manner. The synchronized pressure relieves aches, pains and soreness in your heel and arch of your feet. The Montage Pro massage chair also has Reflexology magnetic nodules built into the foot wells.

When the air pressure is activated, these reflexology nodules gently push up into the acupoints of your feet to provide full body relaxation. If you love a great foot massage, you are in for a real treat with the Montage Pro massage chair. A specially designed head pillow has pressure point nodes that firmly squeeze at the top of the neck to provide deep relief.

Adjustable Footrest:

The footrest of the Montage Pro massage chair recliner is extendable to accommodate those with longer legs. The footrest of the Montage Pro can extend out another eight (8) inches. The leg rest extends out four (4) inches from the seat and the foot portion can separate another four (4) inches from the calf portion.
Montage Pro Fingertip Controls

LCD Touch Screen Remote Control & Fingertip Controls:

The remote control of the Montage Pro massage chair has an advanced LCD touch screen that is simple and easy to use. The remote control has 5 pre-programmed automatic massages which initiate with one touch.

The chair automatically reclines with any automatic massage to position 1. With the Montage Pro, the most frequently used functions are also available with the fingertip controls located in the arm panels. This enables you to make adjustments in any position without having to get up to access the LCD touch screen. Sit back and let the Montage Pro massage chair melt away your stress and tensions while providing you rejuvenation at the touch of a button.

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Good September 4, 2013
Reviewer: Daniel from Dallas  
Relax my body. It covered from head to toe for all your massage therapy needs. But the price is kinda expensive. I would pay $1000 more to get the Inada Massage chair

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